Making the best of it

I need to preface this post with: I am not miserable.

The title of this blog post simply implies that when challenged, you have to pull up your bootstraps and do the whole making lemonade thing or whatever cliche sayings you’d like. And that’s what I seem to do, week to week while making a little bit of a life in Kyle, South Dakota. Sure there’s physical isolation but most of the “bummer” stuff is the weather. We had even more snow after my post below this one. It just seems like yesterday I was basking in the sunlight and buffalo at Yellow Bear.


And taking in the sights of the Badlands…


But no. There’s more snow.


And cold. And it’s April. One thing is for sure, this place needs the moisture. Record drought conditions prove that, so in this case, the snow is welcomed I’m sure. However even South Dakota residents are ready to see a real spring. I’ve been told that this isn’t exactly normal and they have hit all-time record snowfall for April — even broke records.

So after thawing out for the second time in spring, I headed out to “the city” (Rapid City) and enjoyed a weekend of new people, music, good food and laughs. It was needed. And it was a bit of a change from my normal routine. When I came back to the Rez, I went to a going away party for a new friend’s husband who is going on his fourth tour to Afghanistan. He was given an honoring with beautiful traditional Lakota songs and smudged off to ensure a safe journey. He also received a star quilt in appreciation for his service.


(Note: Forgive all the cell phone pics as it seems sometimes I  forget to charge my camera battery or forget the camera all together!)

I ended the weekend with a movie with a buddy and that’s quite alright with me. I can’t complain but then it started snowing again the next day and we didn’t have to go into work.  I grimaced — actually I may have wailed. But making the best of it right there was me taking a good nap! What else can you do?

I have also concluded that after so much tragedy in not only the nation’s history (reference Boston marathon bombings and fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas), but across the world, it puts a lot in perspective — financial prosperity vs. overall happiness. I’ve let worries about finances stop me from doing things in the past, or just compounded those worries to a bigger list of worries in general and that’s not living. I made a major move anyway — even realizing that financially I probably would struggle a little but I wanted to live a new experience. Sold almost everything I owned, rented out my house on faith, switched gears from setting my sights on California right away and detoured to the eighth largest Indian reservation in the nation. None of that was easy or cheap! Although selling my stuff helped.

Living in a mindset of lack creates lack. So I’ve progressed and still working my way out of that pattern. I think that’s also a step toward “making the best of it.”

As for the snow, at least I can say I’ve finally made a snow angel.


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3 thoughts on “Making the best of it

  1. Laquilla Perez

    Love this! I’m so glad that you’re working out of this rut!! 😀 This has helped me make the best of it 🙂

  2. Happy for you dear.

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