A quick note about inspiration

There is something to be said about being inspiring. It’s a good thing but it’s mind-bending when you are the source of inspiration.

When done without ego, it’s positive. I mean the only way that usually happens is when you have no idea you are inspiring someone or how you are — it’s simply a surprise to you. I guess that’s how I feel about being featured in the recent issue of Paleo Magazine.


Photo courtesy of Tina (Biff) Swaney — a fellow paleo chick.

Sure I improved my life dramatically when I changed my lifestyle. Paleo helped me get better, feel better and BE better. But I’m not perfect. And I had no idea that one day I would not only be in a book but now featured in a magazine.

It’s not that I haven’t written about this journey before — I covered it on a blog on my job’s website. And I still talk about the trials and benefits. And there is a certain amount of accountability when you get “fan mail.”

I was so glad to see an African-American woman in the magazine and who lives paleo.

That was wonderful to read because I’m all about diversity. And let’s face it, the paleo community could use a bit of it so I was happy to be in that space. However I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit scary! Will people analyze everything I put in my mouth now? What if I put on a little weight? I’m not super toned, will this be looked down upon? Instead of filling my head with that nonsense, I own up to being human. And I would like to think anyone who reads my story will know that.

The thing is, we are recreating ourselves every day in some way. We are not the same with each passing moment because we learn from what we experience and what we WILL experience. And that is truly inspiring.

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3 thoughts on “A quick note about inspiration

  1. terie

    So proud of you,miss you

  2. Glad to know you and blessed to be able to share your story 🙂

  3. Thank you both!

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