A plan is just a blueprint

Around this time last year I was in California.


The above image is a screen shot of my gratitude app. Yes. There’s an app for that. (Ignore that “no service.” I tend to not have service much on the Rez!)

I’ve only been yapping about California forever. Well maybe not forever. Just a few years. Several years ago the California love struck me for the first time when I flew out to Gilroy for an interview at the town’s local paper. I didn’t get it. But I loved the few days I was there.

Since then I have been blessed to get out to the Bay Area a few times. This time last year was a trip I took with a friend to be absolutely certain I wanted to take the leap. I was certain but decided to head to South Dakota first. I mean when I asked the Universe for new experiences, I didn’t mess around!

So as I’m sitting outside this little cabin I’m staying in on the third Super Moon of the year, I decided to reflect a bit. I was writing down the things I was grateful for, which should be a normal practice, but I especially try to do it during a full moon as meditators have so often suggested. And I came across that entry you see above.

I plan to leave South Dakota by September to sort out this next step. But I am starting to become aware that plans truly aren’t always yours. I’m open to what may change or may not change with my plans over the course of the coming months.

As I sit outside writing this, the wind thrashing a bit, lightning all around and the big ol’ moon occasionally shining through the clouds, I’m more than certain that certainty is an illusion. Here’s to the Universe.


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One thought on “A plan is just a blueprint

  1. Charles Johnson

    Good thoughts. But that is just one side of the list. You are right this is a constantly changing world.

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