Change is inevitable, change is good

I certainly have much to catch up here. As usual. But in the midst of all that, I’ve finally decided to have a website starting from scratch. Which means these posts will transfer there and the blog will continue, just not on WordPress proper. My hope is that more people will email subscribe there as well as I intend that the new site will lend itself to a lot more opportunities and ways to make what I do (art, freelance writing, photography sessions, coaching) more streamline. I also hope it’s my last stop for a while because it’s really important to gain momentum and not jump around!

I find in online ventures, you just have to keep plugging away and sometimes it means starting over a bit until the right fit happens. I’ll be blogging here until I switch to the full site which will feature more options for my work. Up next is my post about my trip to Tucson but even with this long Thanksgiving weekend, I never got a post started because I FINALLY got out into the world back here in Dallas. I’ll admit I had become a little reclusive after coming back from South Dakota. I missed it so much — still do. But I’m awkwardly adjusting! Although by March, I’m moving again. I’ll explain later!

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