Below are some wonderful people who have shared their thoughts about the work I do and I couldn’t be more grateful. 


“I enjoy the honesty Jenice captures in her photos… I think that’s exactly what draws me to look at what else her perspective leads her to shoot. It’s as if she has the ability to freeze time and capture part of what makes these people so amazing…I would say it’s obvious in her work that she enjoys what it is she does.”



~ Keanna Marie-Henson Pohl, artist

“Jenice is a very outgoing person. She is always interested in your business and always looking for new stories to write about. If you have not yet met Jenice I suggest you do. She will help market you business for success!”

~ Dawn Patterson, owner/director of CP Prep School 

  “Jenice’s work is superb. Her combinations of color, lighting and composition are beyond compare. Her work seems to have no limits. Whether you need business applications or personal, you will no t make a mistake by selecting Jenice as your photographer.”

~ Jimmy Carter, Certified Sales Consultant, Dodge City of McKinney

“Working with Jenice on developing news media coverage for our Woodrow Wilson High School DVD 80 year Documentary showing at Lakewood theatre was a wonderful and professional experience. Working with Jenice; I found her to be prompt with replies to emails, detailed oriented, with a wonderful pleasing personality in helping me to establish bullet points of interest in getting our news coverage out to the public on our alumni classmates from 1928 to 2009. I would defintely recommend asking for Jenice Johnson for any future distribution on news worthy media coverage. Thank you Jenice for a job well done.”

~ JoJo Griffo, client

“Words cannot express the absolute pleasure it was to shoot with you. Even though there were three photographers present at our shoot, I felt an immediate connection to you. Personally, you just seem like a good, genuine individual. Quiet, yet excited. Calm, yet raring to go. Professionally, you’re easygoing, easy to connect with, and you really put your subject at ease. Your prompt posting of photos just shows your enthusiasm for your work. Thank you for the honor… it was an absolute joy, and I can’t wait to shoot again!”


~Chrystine, promotional model

“Jenice is a dedicated and driven journalist. She’s great at finding ways to work hard, be productive and have fun all at the same time. There’s never a dull moment with her. She’s constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to make things better. She’s very aware of the changing face of journalism and is ready and willing to put in the work that requires. Jenice is a joy to work with and for, and she would be an asset to any company. Her passion for photography is undeniable, and her talent for it is obvious. It doesn’t stop at photography, however. I’ve seen Jenice hard at work blogging, writing, shooting video, starring in video and leading meetings. She can truly do it all.”

~ Aly Yale, project manager

 “Jenice is awesome! As her piece about me explained. I’m far from the type that’s used to primping and having my photo taken. Jenice made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and I had a total blast getting to know her and spend time with her. She’s completely devoted to capturing who you are, and bringing it out in your photo. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know her!”

~Shana Stein, lawyer and yoga instructor

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