About Jenice

Photo by Dee Hill

Photo by Dee Hill

For the past decade I’ve worked for newspapers, small businesses and artists — at times, all at once. For a decade I’ve had a varied career doing just about everything: writing, editing, photography, managing, social networking, public speaking and trying to keep my head above water in the world of “newspapers are dead.” My years as a journalist were a roller coaster I don’t regret paying my admission to get on, strapping in and hanging on tight. And it allowed me to continue to grow my talents and be flexible.

I was born a writer. I grew up in Arlington, Texas, as an only child but quite precocious. I never knew a stranger and I guess that never changed which helps a lot in my career. My first gig out of college was as a city and county reporter in the small Nebraska town of North Platte but the majority of my reporting experience happened at The Dallas Morning News. My current full time job at a Native American food company gave me the opportunity to travel to places I’d never seen which increased my wanderlust. In 2012 I decided to rent out my Dallas condo with plans to live places I’ve never lived.  I recently took up residence with my goofy cat Tiger Lily in a small cabin on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where the company is headquartered. But I’m currently stationed back in Texas for a little while until the next adventure!

I always look to inspire people to be their best spiritually and in their creative fields. I live a paleo lifestyle which has helped me on a road to health, well-being and gave me the courage to believe that I can accomplish things I once told myself I could not. I continue to learn and grow as an artist and human being.


Marketing and Writing

As I mentioned above, I currently work full-time as assistant director of marketing and communications for a small Native American food company with a big story. My work includes working social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well journalism and press release writing. I also provide freelance writing services for print publications and personal businesses.


Art is a major part of my life which I’ve channeled into a small business of my own shooting portraits, weddings and art photography…including gummy bear art photography since 2009. I have photographed Dallas celebrities and leaders, products for retail businesses and multiple front-page images for the The Dallas Morning News weekly neighborsgo. 


Photography: artsbyjphotography.com

Gummy Bear Art Photography: jenicesgummyworld.com

Assistant Director of Marketing: tankabar.com


I’m available for contract work for your business needs. Every company (big or small) needs a writer with social media experience, whether they know it or not! My skills would be a major asset to telling your story to the masses. I provide a one-stop-shop (social media, writing, photography, consulting) for your company.

Feel free to contact me at jenice@jenicejohnson.com.


Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Arlington

Communications Minor with concentration on Journalism


Assistant Director of Marketing: Native American Natural Foods

Writer: Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty

Writer/Photographer/Editor: Freelance

Neighborsgo photographer and editor: The Dallas Morning News

Neighborsgo assistant managing editor: The Dallas Morning News

Neighborsgo editor: The Dallas Morning News

City and county government reporter: The North Platte Telegraph

CLICK HERE FOR FULL RESUME  (file is downloaded as Word document)

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