Personal Writing Coach

Do you want to write a book? The writing process is beyond the black and white of technicalities, grammar and spelling. It is even beyond just the content of what you want to convey. Writing a book is the final step after you have freed yourself of what’s holding you back.

The true basis of where to begin your story is finding what prevents you from telling it. Moreover, you may have trouble finding your voice and chalk it up to just writer’s block. Or even worse, you convince yourself you aren’t a writer.

Often the issue isn’t that you can’t write — it is that you need to unblock something that may be holding you back, need to change preconceived notions of writing or get past the possible intimidating thought of trying to complete a written piece of work.

Writing can truly be a healing process and I work as your Personal Writing Coach to help you through it. Through my Written Journey to Healing process, I act as your tour guide as you become comfortable telling the story inside of you.

Jenice Johnson is a sage of writers. When I first met her at Pasta & Positivity, I knew it wasn’t by coincidence. I knew she had something special.  And I was absolutely blown away by her spiritual gifts.  She was able to nail my fears right off, and point out where I was holding back in my writing.  Being a strong woman, it takes someone confident enough in her own abilities to call me out.  Jenice is just that woman! An awesome writing coach. I feel honored to have worked with her.  You won’t be sorry when you do.

~ Terri L. Jones, a current “Written Journey to Healing” student who is currently writing a book about her life

What does it cost?

My general fee is $30 an hour or $150 for three 2-hour sessions (must be paid up front). Depending on your location, I can either come to you or we can meet at a coffee shop if you’d like. Please note: I am currently residing in Arlington, Texas, near Dallas. A minimum of $20 will be added for driving distances no more than 30 miles beyond that area. If I’m traveling miles beyond that, we can come up with an arrangement. I also offer sessions via Skype. To pay by PayPal: If you would like references, please let me know. 


I also offer workshops throughout the year so keep up to date here on my site to see when the next one is scheduled. Or contact me at to schedule one.

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