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New place for Art is Life

Hi everyone! 

I hope you had a great Christmas!

I am taking a little bit of this down time to tell you that I have moved some things around. I have a brand new website at and my blog will live there now. I haven’t been on this blog very long but I do have a few email followers here and other WordPress bloggers. I appreciate the support. Please continue to follow along at this link: Art Is Life. There is a place to subscribe by email there as well. 

I made the decision to get serious about a main website that will house a shop (eventually) and easy ways to pay for my photography and writing services. The overall interface will be a lot more flexible to all of my needs and my friend and amazing designer Laura is working on a brand new logo for my presence.

The coming new year is all about growth and building more success to my work and life. I hope you will join me there!

Happy New Year!



Photo by Dee Hill

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Tucson by way of Texas, California and South Dakota

As I’m typing this, there is more than an inch of ice blanketing the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Trees, cars, flowers, fixtures, parking lots and streets are “entombed in ice” as our local weather cutie Pete Delkus warned earlier this week.

We are basically iced in for the weekend and quite possibly until the first of the week. But the world must go on so stores aren’t closed, weekend workers like my father still head into work and folks like me get to enjoy lounging and of course, blogging. I am certainly going to take advantage of this newfound free time to catch up here.

So I’m moving to Tucson in March — earlier if I can swing it but March is the most sane choice in move date. I know what you are thinking if you know me OR if you have read my words before, “I thought you were going to move to California?” Well, things change and we change along with them. Actually, after living up in South Dakota for almost a year, I was considering moving back to SD after the holidays. Or at least after it warmed up again. But that wasn’t the original plan, which was first decided after I fell in love with Northern California in earnest a few years ago.

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