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A plan is just a blueprint

Around this time last year I was in California.


The above image is a screen shot of my gratitude app. Yes. There’s an app for that. (Ignore that “no service.” I tend to not have service much on the Rez!)

I’ve only been yapping about California forever. Well maybe not forever. Just a few years. Several years ago the California love struck me for the first time when I flew out to Gilroy for an interview at the town’s local paper. I didn’t get it. But I loved the few days I was there.

Since then I have been blessed to get out to the Bay Area a few times. This time last year was a trip I took with a friend to be absolutely certain I wanted to take the leap. I was certain but decided to head to South Dakota first. I mean when I asked the Universe for new experiences, I didn’t mess around!

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The uncanny irony of technology

If someone asks me what I do, I have a long list. ¬†Writer, photographer, intuitive writing coach, assistant director of marketing. To me life is art and everything I do. So now I think I’ll just say I’m an artist to keep that list short!

I currently work full time for a Native American food company based on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. In fact, I temporarily¬†live there now. I’m from Dallas, TX, where I was telecommuting for the company for over two years. At the end of 2012, I rented my house out with plans to move to California. I ended up in South Dakota instead. I wanted to work in person with the people behind the voices, Skype video chats and emails. And I wanted to experience where they live and cover stories happening around the reservation — in person.

It has now been three months in South Dakota and I haven’t blogged. That is until the irony of technology came into view. Mercury is in retrograde after all and, as is the prediction every time this happens, technology and communication seems to go all wonky. So in that vein, even though I knew that my old website over at was possibly in jeopardy, it will officially get sacked in the coming weeks. The host site has partnered with Twitter and closing up shop on April 30 leaving me to scramble to get another site in place before then. Having a URL leaves the door open to getting hired for side work but also blogging is an easy way, next to Facebook, to share your story.

The ironic part is I had planned to blog a little bit about my time in South Dakota, mostly referencing the event coverage I do here every week. When I started looking at my site on posterous, I felt I needed to start fresh because I was no longer in Dallas as well as the blog needed to reflect something else. Not sure what yet! Just a new direction. However I had finally got that site how I wanted and now my hand is forced to in fact, start over.

Worst things, of course. But I thought I would share before I continued in this new space. Enjoy the photo below I shot of a South Dakota sunset. On to a new day….


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